Golden Pipeline

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A self-guided drive trail between the Perth Hills and Western Australia’s Eastern Goldfields. Go with the Flow. Follow the water to discover more about the audacious goldfields water supply scheme and Engineer CY O’Connor.

Discover The people and the Scheme

“Future generations, I am quite certain will think of us and bless us for our far seeing patriotism, and it will be said of us, as Isaiah said of old, ‘They made a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert” – Sir John Forrest

Dedari to Mount Charlotte

See & Do

The last stretch of the water’s journey from the forested hills on Perth’s outskirts to the parched red earth of the Eastern Goldfields.

For the traveller following the water’s path this section has a great deal to offer, particularly because this is where the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail’s twin theme of gold comes into its own. Both Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie were built on gold and there is much to see and do in both.


Some of the communities situated along the length of Golden Pipeline hold annual events.

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The Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail includes a number of fascinating museums along its length which will give travellers an insight into Wheatbelt and Goldfields communities.

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Walks, Parks, National Reserves

At several designated sites along the Golden Pipeline Trail you will find National Trust walks.

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Coolgardie Cemetery

Coolgardie Cemetry, Coolgardie WA 6429

The present Coolgardie Cemetery was first used in November 1894 and provides a chronicle of the town’s history. The explorer Ernest Giles is ...

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Golden Mile Super Pit Lookout

Golden Mile Super Pit Lookout, Coolgardie WA 6432

Today’s mining operations at Kalgoorlie-Boulder are a sight to behold. We recommend a visit to the Super Pit where you will be able to view ...

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Fly Flat

Fly Flat, Coolgardie WA 6429

From the past to the present. Coolgardie is where gold was first discovered and you should acknowledge the spot that started the rush. So do stop ...

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Old Pioneer Cemetery

Old Pioneer Cemetery, Coolgardie WA 6429

There are two cemeteries in Coolgardie. The Old Pioneer Cemetery was used from 1892 to 1894 and of the 33 graves, only six of those buried were ...

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